The Body benefits from Movement

and the Mind benefits from Stillness


~ Sakyong Mipham ~




Sundance Yoga was created with the intention of making 'online' yoga classes available, at an affordable price, to Yoga students anywhere in the world.  

Classes are designed to calm the mind, improve flexibility and tone & strengthen the body.  We offer a supportive environment,

welcoming all genders and all levels of yoga experience.


 If it's been awhile since your last class and you would like to refresh your knowledge of asanas before joining a group class we offer our 

Root to Rise package, designed to help you get back to yoga

and customized to meet your needs. 


We use Zoom technology to live stream our classes and a Zoom account

 is required to participate.

Create a FREE Zoom account here, it's quick & easy!

All of our classes are available as drop-in or with a monthly pass.




Enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors!

We are taking a break for the summer,

please check back early September

for the new Fall Schedule.





All classes are 60 mins


Ebb & Flow is a mix of

Yin yoga deep stretches and a slow flow. This is a well balanced class designed to calm the mind, tone the body and soothe the soul. 

Vinyasa Flow Combining breath-work with energizing postures. This class is a dynamic flow that includes Sun Salutations and is designed to increase strength, flexibility & concentration.

Unwind focuses on the inner landscape of the body. with the deep stretches of Yin Yoga and a relaxing, mediative feel.  So light the candles, get cozy and give yourself the gift of time to enjoy some 'unwinding'.


A yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap and hydration

If you have a yoga bolster please bring it or substitute with a folded blanket or towel.

We use these yoga tools to help us align in our postures and to deepen our stretches.


Drop-in $10 per class $15 per couple

Monthly pass $60 per person $100 per couple 

Monthly pass includes anytime access to class videos (updated on a weekly basis)



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Hello & Welcome! 

My classes are designed to help you stretch and tone your body and increase

your overall flexibility.  Classes are a mix of Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga, I believe

that one goes with the other and by including the deep stretches of Yin Yoga,

we create a strong foundation for our bodies to respond well to the 

dynamic movements of Vinyasa flow.


I am certified as a Yoga Instructor with 200 hrs YTT Vinyasa training & 

50 hrs YTT Yin training. Yoga is a way of life for me, it helps me to maintain

optimal health and continues to be a journey of discovery and empowerment.  

Ever evolving as an instructor, I continue to be a student of Yoga, attending workshops

and teacher trainings that add knowledge and experience to my 'toolbox'

and feed my desire to be the best version of myself.


I completed my 200 YTT Vinyasa Yoga Instructor training at the Nexus Institute,

Nosara, Costa Rica; a wonderful place to reset your mind, body & soul

as you embrace their infamous culture of 'Pur Vida'! 

After returning from Costa Rica, completed my 50 YTT Yin Yoga in Vancouver,

under the guidance and expertise of Bernie Clark & Diana Batts.

If you have any questions about classes or membership, please feel free to reach out.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Linda Vellis Cunningham

Take time to do what makes your Soul happy



Sundance Yoga
Sechelt, BC

Linda Vellis Cunningham

250 575 0945