It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential 

for doing good, both for oneself and others.

~ Dalai Lama ~



Sundance Yoga was created with the intention of making 'online' yoga classes available, at an affordable price, to beginner or experienced Yoga students anywhere in the world.  Classes are designed to improve flexibility, strength and function of the body.  Classes are mixed gender and no experience is necessary.  If you haven't done yoga before and you would like to start, choose the beginners class, wear something comfortable and come to class ready to learn, without judgement. 


We use Zoom technology to live stream classes and a Zoom account

 is required to participate.

Create a FREE Zoom account here, it's quick & easy!

Classes are designed to be 'drop in' you do not need to commit long-term..  

You may buy a weekly pass and enjoy all classes for 7 days

or buy a monthly pass and enjoy a full month of classes.

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7am Wake up & Thrive

5.45pm Deep Stretch


9am Root to Rise


7am Wake up & Thrive

5.45pm Root to Rise


9am Deep Stretch



Root to Rise


Tues 9am PST
Wed 5pm PST

Root to Rise will leave you feeling centered and renewed. Beginning with a focus on breath work and setting our Intention, this helps us to let go of the clutter in our minds and be fully present on our 

mat. Followed by warm ups and a slow Vinyasa flow, we stretch & tone the body and transition into strengthening & 

balancing postures. We warm down with some deep stretching 

and close our practice with a relaxing Savasana.

Beginner - Intermediate

What do I need?

Yoga mat &. water


(Yoga blocks & Yoga strap also encouraged)  

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Deep Stretch


Mon 5pm PST
Thurs 10am PST

Deep Stretch mindfully focuses on improving flexibility, using the 3 principles of Yin Yoga; 1) find your edge where your feeling the pose the most 2) be still 3) hold the pose.  We focus on the inner landscape of the body. stressing & stretching the connective tissues and fascia. providing lubrication for the ligaments and the joints.  We close our practice with a generous Savasana, allowing the body to completely relax.

Beginner - Advanced

What do I need?

Yoga mat & 2 small blankets or towels


(Yoga blocks, yoga bolster, yoga strap also encouraged)

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Wake up & Thrive

30 mins

Mon 7am PST
Wed  6.30am PST

Wake up & Thrive Begin your day by centering your mind and body. Wake up and thrive through a series of Sun Salutations, balancing & strengthening poses and some deep stretches. Early morning yoga is a great way to start your day, get focused and set your intention.


What do I need?

Yoga mat &. water


(Yoga blocks & Yoga strap also encouraged)  

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Your Instructor


I am a certified Yoga Instructor with 200 hrs YTT Vinyasa training & 

50 hrs YTT Yin training. Yoga is a way of life for me, it helps me to maintain

optimal health and continues to be a journey of discovery and empowerment.  

Ever evolving as an instructor, I continue to be a student of Yoga, attending workshops

and teacher trainings that add knowledge and experience to my 'toolbox' and feed

my desire to be the best version of myself.

My classes are designed to help you stretch, tone and increase your flexibility with

plenty of instruction, for the beginner and options to take the yoga asanas to their fullest expression for the more experience yoga student.



Before I became a Yoga Instructor, I was a professional photographer with

my own studio in West Kelowna, BC. I had been practising Yoga for about 15 years

but in 2016, I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Up until the diagnosis, my passion for yoga was directedmostly towards power classes, I wanted

to sweat and feel like I had done a great workout, I didn't much care for the part where you had to lie down and relax! All that changed when my body became consumed with inflammation and my flexibility seemed to evaporate overnight.

Drastic changes in your body can also create drastic changes in your mindset. 

Due to the chronic inflammation, I had to switch from power to Yin &

Restorative Yoga and had to learn to quiet my mind as well as heal the body.  

For a full year, I did nothing but Yin and Restorative Yoga, with amazing instructors who helped me to stay focused and to use my breath as a healing tool.

I learnt how to enjoy being still and to hold poses for long periods of time, stressing and stretching the fascia and connective tissues, lubricating the ligaments and the joints. Slowly, my body began to respond and the

flexibility eventually came back. When I returned to doing power yoga,

I found myself craving the stillness of yin yoga!


Using Yoga to help heal my body was a very powerful experience and I decided

I wanted to teach what I had learned. Letting go of my career as a

professional photographer was a hard decision to make but I knew I was ready for change.

I gave myself a few months to tidy up loose ends and then flew to Costa Rica for

my 200 YTT Vinyasa Yoga Instructor training.  At the Nexus Institute for Yoga & Wellness, Horace & Janel welcomed me into their beautiful Shala, surrounded by jungle

and walking distance to a spectacular surfing beach. Nexus is an amazing place to take

your yoga training and Costa Rica is also a beautiful country with a welcoming culture.

It was the best place to press reset and launch myself into a new career.

On returning to Canada, I decided to continue studying Yoga and signed up for

50hrs YTT Yin Yoga training, in Vancouver with two of Canada's best Yin instructors,

Bernie Clarke and Diana Batts, both humble and extremely knowledgeable Yoga Instructors.


When I emigrated to Canada in 2001, I made myself a promise to live an authentic life

and not be afraid to change direction if I felt the need to. I have tried hard to

keep that promise to myself and now, as a Yoga Instructor, teaching and living 

in the small coastal city of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia,

I am for sure living my best and most authentic life.

Hope to see you on your mat!

Linda Vellis Cunningham

Yoga is not about touching your toes 

it's about the journey on the way down.



Sundance Yoga
Sechelt, BC

Linda Vellis Cunningham

250 575 0945